The Examination

Before I begin this post I must preface the definition of what is a CODA and what are they used for? Simply,  a  coda  underlines how a character has changed and what they have learned as a result of the experience they went through usually something life altering. --------------- As she sits in the waiting room, she notices the slightly peeling wallpaper, the couches that have been sat in too many times. She notices the receptionists who all could be sisters, typing away and answering calls like it’s just another ordinary day. But to her, this is the day that everything changes.  She’s finishing up her fall semester and today is her final exam, Advanced Chemistry, the hardest class she’s ever taken. She should be focusing on studying for the answers on that exam, but right now she needs an answer to something else. The nurse calls her name and she stands up, practically sweating. The nurse smiles and asks about her day and all she can really do is smile - cheesy and hollow - back. The